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News & Announcements
Tier 22 Released

Shadowfang Keep has been released.


•All damage for mobs and hp has been buffed.


•Spells have been buffed by 200%.


•All mobs will drop 1 - 40 Shadowfang Keep Emblems.


•All mobs will drop 1 - 30 Item Coupons.


Go get the Shadowfang Keystone from Ragefire Chasm and go slay down the master of the Keep now!!

Release of Tier 21

Ragefire Chasm has been released. Go into the dungeon and take down the crazed Satyr that runs the dungeon and collect the tokens to get your Tier 21 gear.


•Most spells on mobs has been buffed.


•Blood Presence is no longer in the instance.


•75% damage reduction debuff is in place to make the instance more challenging.


•Ragefire Chasm Keystone is required to enter the instance which is obtained from Sunwell Plateau.


Release of Tier 16-20

Today is the release of Tiers 16-20.

Tier 16 - Mana-Tombs

Tier 17 - Auchenai Crypts

Tier 18 - Gruul's Lair

Tier 19 - Magtheridon's Lair

Tier 20 - Sunwell Plateau

Come in and join in on taking down all the bosses and earning the sweet gear you desire.